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Internship Program

The Ford Internship Program provides students with hands-on, career-specific experience through full-time or part-time work. Students are engaged in networking and educational activities throughout their internship to gain exposure to senior level management and to learn more about Ford, our values and career opportunities.

Most Interns will have just completed their junior year of an undergraduate program or one academic year of a Master's program and are expecting to graduate the following year. Generally, candidates are selected for having top academic standing, as well as exceptional leadership, communication and self-motivation skills.

Rights and development

Internships are an important step to setting your career goals.


So, if you think you know what kind of work you want to do after graduation, take a test through an internship.


Experiencing, you will probably realize that your ideas about your favorite job are completely different from reality, you lack the necessary skills and abilities, which can help prevent the choice of one.


Unsuitable job after graduation. On the other hand, you may discover a job that matches your personality and abilities that you have never thought about or knew that existed.


Therefore, please contact us to join the Ford Vietnam family. Here, we always welcome, support and ready to help you with all matters at work.

What do they say about FORD ?

Jane Alice

Jane Alice

To develop yourself and improve your skills, choose Ford. Best wishes for Ford

Adam Henry

Adam Henry

Working at ford makes me better. Students should try it here to get a lot of work experience.

John Smith

John Smith

I love working at Ford, they have a professional environment, working culture and all unite

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