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Ford College Graduate Program

A great way to go further with Ford is to join the company through the Ford College Graduate (FCG) program – or, as it’s called in Finance, the Career Foundation Program (CFP). Most departments offer these programs, which provide recent college graduates a variety of rotational job assignments during their first few years with Ford Motor Company.

Through the rotational assignments, the programs’ objective is to strengthen the FCG's or CFP's business acumen and technical skills through rapid exposure to varied business activities.

Upon completion of the program, the FCG or CFP “graduates” and is placed within his or her home department to continue building a career at Ford.

Rights and development


For many employers, internship experience is considered one of the important factors they care about when hiring new graduates. So participating in an internship not only creates favorable conditions for you to have better employment opportunities but also has many other valuable benefits.


1. Increase the value of CV

2. Find out what you want and don't want to do

3. Learn by observing

4. Get professional feedback

5. Create useful relationships


Therefore, please contact us to join the Ford Vietnam family. Here, we always welcome, support and ready to help you with all matters at work.

What do they say about FORD ?

Jane Alice

Jane Alice

To develop yourself and improve your skills, choose Ford. Best wishes for Ford

Adam Henry

Adam Henry

Working at ford makes me better. Students should try it here to get a lot of work experience.

John Smith

John Smith

I love working at Ford, they have a professional environment, working culture and all unite

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