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Ford’s Re-Entry Program, partnering with SWE + iRelaunch, aims to help career re-launchers get back into the workforce who have left the workforce or have been underemployed for two or more years. Ford offers re-entry candidates a full-time position while providing tools to successfully re-acclimate into the workforce.

Participants will be able to confidently return to the workforce not only in their technical field but also in a supportive environment designed for success.

About Ford’s Re-Entry Program

Throughout the program, participants will build on their past work experience and gain new skills through work aligned with their area of expertise.


This is a full-time opportunity where participants will experience a robust 6-month curriculum with an emphasis on professional development, mentoring, networking, and exposure to senior level management preparing them to shift gears back into the workforce while learning more about Ford and our culture. 


Therefore, please contact us to join the Ford Vietnam family. Here, we always welcome, support and ready to help you with all matters at work.

What do they say about FORD ?

Jane Alice

Jane Alice

To develop yourself and improve your skills, choose Ford. Best wishes for Ford

Adam Henry

Adam Henry

Working at ford makes me better. Students should try it here to get a lot of work experience.

John Smith

John Smith

I love working at Ford, they have a professional environment, working culture and all unite

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